Customized support for our clients for 20 years
About Gennao

Gennao, Inc. opened it’s doors in January 2012. We were previously a computer repair and Audio Video company with well over 1000 clients serving Atlanta from September, 2001. With the name change, we are changed from a computer repair company to a full service Technology Consulting Firm. Our goal is to provide principle based support for small business needs.

We understand that Information systems are critical to our clients being able to be productive. We have fostered relationships with our clients and have tailored services to meet their needs.

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  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Purchase advice and installation of new purchases
  • Removal of virus and other malware
  • Website, SEO & Mobile app Development
  • Wiring for network, telephone, cameras, audio and video
  • Video and audio editing, streaming and production

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Our clients have come to expect prompt responses from our firm. To facilitate this we have used the following remote access tools to connect to Mac and PC computers remotely.

Quick Support

VIP Support

Gennao Meetings

Get new Cloud storage

Get DropBox

VNC server

VNC viewer

Unstoppable Copier

Windows update fix

Check for accounts being compromised

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